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carb dashpot damper metro turbo hif44 Dashpot damper for the HIF6 METRO Turbo carb plus many other variants of the Metro. Therefore, my spring is correct and is the "red" one. book will help one to better understand the function , part descriptions and tuning of their specific carb. H4 SU. (MS2953) The LHIC is the type fitted to 998cc and 1098cc Mini models with single carburettors. I bought them as part of a job lot so cannot say if they are a matching pair so recommend will need refurbishing before use or for spares. We currently have 10564 users, and 611331 posts Most Recent Member: InnoTurbo 176 results for mg su carburetor SU Carb Rebuild Kit for Carburetors HS2 1 1/4" AUD502 & 549 MG Midget 1972-74 (Fits: MG) SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue SU Carburettor Knurled Idle Screw [900. Springs were matched when the car left the factory and should remain so. 2 "LIGHT BLUE" DAMPER SPRINGS - AUC 4587. After all, the SU is designed to richen the mixture during acceleration not by increasing the size of the fuel-flow orifice,(jet diameter vs. 090", . Notes: 1 Ball bearing suction chamber. If the larger carb has the correct damper spring for the given engine, then, both sized carbs should lift at the same rate and then Peter is correct in saying airflow would be down on MrBig, however a richer needle to compensate for this lower air flow would equalize things apart from less atomisation with the lower air flow in the larger carb Classic car, van and pickup forum. The flat spot between gear changes will be gone. Heres the situation: I recently purchased a high-performance ignition system for the car, this includes the best MSD pro-billet distributor These are (were) available to tune the SU carb to the vacuum on a given motor, just as heads are rated for stage, 1, 2 or 3 for moderate, modified or race conditions. 2 HCRs 1 LCC, lots of Autosolos and numerous track days. 75" and the manifold inlet is 1. SU HIF44 Needle Race ABRN-2004. When the throttle is released, the damper valve falls and allows rapid oil displacement and hence piston return. Fear of the unknown is probably the greatest stumbling block most people seem to have in dealing with Zenith-Stromberg carburetors – they are much maligned largely because they are not understood. Order as AUD9141A c. good tune-up requires that the choke assembly be removed from the carb, that it be well cleaned in spray carb cleaner, the pin nut tightened, and the unit well lubricated. 6. 00 : SU Damper Cap polished brass printed 'Oil Reservoir' [900. Free shipping on $99 orders. The HIF44 has a little fibre washer under it. 83 postage; austin morris mini cooper s 1275 1964-70 - service All SU Carburetors include new throttle shafts and bushings. 5mm) The LOAD INDEX (85) is a numerical code associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry at Paint Colour on end coil: Type: Load at length: Part Number: Light Blue: A: 2. Most H series carburetors and HD-6’s used a helical throttle return spring around the throttle shaft. 5oz. Home > Fuel System > Carburetors > HS2 1. 100" Left Hand Jet, 30 Degree, (Length Of Flexible Pipe From Center Line Of Jet 3. The damper c D and the spring k P are also connected to a mass m D. 1 hour ago · This kit includes all of the conversion parts to install a 1. Discover. skillshack. Mini Twin HS2/HS4 SU Carburettor Service Kit. Jet Bearing Kits; Jets; Piston Springs; Return Springs; SU Carburettor Damper; Catalogues, Manuals & Books; Engine Components. 50. . But the SU carb charts show color coded springs for specific engines. 95 SEK per each. for example, is actually simpler and more reliable than the SU carburetor it Order as AUD9098A Twin Carburettors 4 b. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day. Stop in and shop for Mgb Su Carburetor today! Su Carb . Add to cart Hs6 . is FZX 3000 originally Hi Everyone, Brilliant Site :) I have a loved Suffolk Punch 43L, with a Zenith Carb, but when I took the Dear old machine out for its first cut its was surging? now I usually add Petrol Cleaner and Stabilizer to the fuel but this has not helped this year, any advice on what it might be, as this old girl is way to good to send to Lawn Mower Heaven :) Kindest Glen Feb 13, 2017 · Having read all of the threads about 'best damper oil' for SU carbs I spent yesterday afternoon with plans to try out selection of oil lying around the garage including 15W40, 10W40, and 5W30 in HS2 a twin carb set-up. The oil is there to slow the movement of the piston. I also swapped the SU carb that it came with for the one on it now because the one that was on it was pretty tired. Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some (commonly known as the 'dashpot') varies the choke size as it rises and falls. 5oz DAMPER SPRINGS for TWIN HS2 SU The jet orifice shouldn't need changing unless it's worn. 5 oz at 2. tune-up procedures, engine repair, cooling and heating, air conditioning, fuel and. A dashpot is a kind of damper, using a fluid, whereby the motion of a body through a fluid or the resistance of a body to the movement of fluid, provides a force. g. The labels on the carbs indicated AUD331, so according to a needle chart I needed spring-loaded needles with code AUD1538 KN. U. SU Carburettors & Parts for Triumph Spitfire; Skip to page navigation. 18; SU HS Carburetor Damper Springs (RED) Jaguar Registered Office: Burlen Ltd, Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3SB Registered in England and Wales Registration Number: 2005550 VAT Number: GB 423 5232 84 This type of carb is not easy to modify relative to a Weber-type which can me modified in ten-thousand different ways. [10]. It is resisted by the piston spring (in terms of position) and the damper (in terms of speed of rise). The SU damper is intended to slow the piston rising, to enrich the mixture when you boot it, but should then drop easily back down with little or no damping. Restore lost performance with a new SU HS2 (1. 56-9128 K&N CUSTOM AIR  Remove the piston spring and washer (when fitted). pdf), Text File (. H Type Float Bowls Springs AUC 4387 (Damper The springs are color-coded, so make sure you specify the correct color for your car. Suits SU & Stromberg. Apr 10, 2009 · fixed - "non-dustless" damper with vent sealed, and vented "dustless" dashpot 3. New. 5" SU carburettor with LHIC (left hand inter-connect) - this carburettor would be on the right side of a twin carburettor kit. + 17,69 EUR de envío. After removal of the Damper unit from the carb top the tool is inserted into the Damper resevoir. 00 180. 00 Works With Stock Inter Spring And Stock Retainer. SU HIF44 Needle Race Slighly Richer than ABRN-2003 Use Spring ABRS4 595/296/310 Single HIF44 . Remove the needle by undoing the lock screw in the side of the piston. SU carb rebuild kit. The basic Zenith-Stromberg, as used on Triumphs in the mid-’60s. Land Rover SU Carb Overhaul - Free download as PDF File (. 0. 2: Royal Blue 6 RBRRs (98, 00,02,04,06 & 10, one failure 14), 2 10CRs (03 & 07). New Product . HS4 Waxstat Carburetor Swap Tech Day 1 Z-S to 2 SU HS4 (March 31, 2001) Carburetor Swap Tech Day 1 Z-S to 2 SU HS4 (May 8, 2004) Carburetor Tuning (CMGBC Dec. Others have fitted SU's but have had to make the manifold (quite a squeeze to get the carb in) Phoenix shortened the dashpot top to get it under the main frame tube. 78) Springs. SU Needles & Springs. Buy Universal Carb Assortment on eBay now! 5 Pack - $12. Carburettor Tuning Tools; Float Bowls and Lids; Jet Bearing Kits, Jet Links. 625in: AUC4587: Red: A: 4. The kits include an MP45 supercharger, intake manifold and SU HS6 carburettor, alternator (1968 on models only), special pulleys and a serpentine drive belt, K&N sports filters, fittings and comprehensive fitting instructions. Search Parts Are You Searching for the perfect Mgb Su Carburetor? See Mgb Su Carburetor and other car and truck automotive parts and accessories for sale. Note: You can check for matching float settings, after setting the mixture, by removing the pistons, and peering down at the jets. Aug 02, 2017 · · “Don’t use dashpot oil / no dampers / no piston springs” The SU carb is a precision instrument and every part of it is present for a specific and important reason. 2016+ Civic Lowering Springs Now In-Stock! We are excited to announce the arrival of our PRO Valve Springs (4Cyl & 6Cyl) A: Outer Spring Only 80. Introduction The Home model MGBs and Midgets were not plagued with this Triumph inspired imitation SU, we are. aub6106a mgb su fuel petrol pump points. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery Re: TR3 SU Carb Mystery? It's usually the very last fractional turn of the big nut on the jet assembly that pulls the jet off centre relative to the needle. DAMPER SPRINGS. Frame will accept round oil tank more info Holden red 6 tripple su carbys. "In the unlikely event that the item is sold out or on backorder, we will instantly refund % of your money" CB-116 - FUEL OVERFLOW from your SU Carburetors CB-116A - FUEL OVERFLOW, SU H-Type Carburetors #2 CB-116B - FUEL OVERFLOW, SU H-Type Carburetors #3 CB-117 - SYNCHRONIZING Air Flow and ADJUSTING MIXTURE CB-118 - Throttle Return Springs MG-202 - Accelerator PEDAL RETURN SPRING Added - (csm) AHH5623 - Accelerator Spring Bracket - (pdf) Setting up and Tuning SU Carburettors Tools • Screwdriver • Spanner (adjustable) • Spark plug spanner • Jet adjusting spanner (early cars) • Carburettor damper oil • Length of tube or hose • Carb Balancer - optional The SU Carburettor is a simple design proven to be very effective. New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. 00 VIEW CPR 2. The negative stiffness spring k N is realized by one Belleville spring the properties of which will be found. Therefore no oil should escape. The design was in quantity production for much of the twentieth century. WZX980 $11. Hi all I just searched half a dozen different seacrh terms here re carb dash pot oil and didn't come up with anything. For example, the spring ensures that the piston is pushed downwards against the upward force on the piston of atmospheric pressure. TractorJoe offers the best online shopping for tractor parts. 5 hours using an extraction fluid containing 1. 090" main jets and 0. Suitable for Ball Bearing Suction Chambers. Remove the 3 screws that hold the damper to the carb body. EN 469-2 Carb idle screw springs, (2), Aftermarket $ 4. * This is for HS4 SU’s- (1/8-3/16″) if you are dealing with 1″, H’s, HS2’s HS6’s, HIF’s, etc. 4 oz. Mounts to rear of Holley, Edelbrock, AFB, Quadrajet, Demon, and in-line dual quad carburetors. The Dashpot spring determines how high the piston rides for a given depression. 5oz @ 2. Snap-on makes the hardest working, highest quality, professional tools on the planet because we consult with, listen to, and learn from experts like you. ) Carburettor SU HIF 79-84 = In stock Dashpot lid (damper), SU HIF (for carbs 237705 & 237697) Throttle disc 140 SU carb 237451, +SU HIF B20A/B20B, +B21A A dashpot is a mechanical device, a damper which resists motion via viscous friction. If you refer to the Quick Ref and look up Carb cleaning, there is a picture that states the hole can be cleaned with a welders cleaning tip --size . Engine Removal/Installation 7. [3]. The original couplers are made of fairly thin material and allow some wind-up that effects the synchronization of the carbs. uk Price for both to be restored £220+vat. RKSU237] 900. We do this by providing a huge selection of over 1. 95. manuals The Phoenix Engineering kit was the SU carb mod that was available back in the day. 2nd acceleration sequence from ~8mph in 1st to 80mph in 4th. The spring is intended to control the velocity through the venturi over the entire rev range of the engine so it needs selecting correctly. Food and vendors on site. These have been sitting in my shed for too long & I haven't had a chance to use them. 1 1/4" HS2. This spring is often found in very high performance 1275cc applications with twin or single carbs. Dampers are designed to Slow the rise of the Suction Piston in the Carburettor in order to give a richer mixture on snap acceleration. WZX988] 900. 120 results for su carburetor triumph AUSTIN MG TRIUMPH SU CARBURETOR AIR FILTER 1 1/2 inch SU CARB. SU HIF44 - (1. Just as the fit of the piston within the bell can affect the carb's reaction to a given throttle change, so do the springs. needle diameter) but by increasing the vacuum the fuel “sees” thru the use of the dashpot damper system. Carburettor Damper Springs. RKSU237 $229. 254613306504 This is a very basic guide to maintaining SU carbs. end of coil. GGL9035X. Carburettors. 'red' springs are found in most twin or single carbs on most 1275's. If you click "Watch Product" you will recieve an email when the product is back in stock. My issue is the SU carb is 1. Dashpot Dampers & Springs 1. Type. 00. To ensure the best results all gasket to manifold areas should be tight air leaks at fitting should be secure , Throttle shafts should have minimum side play, their seals Back to the front carb - turn the mixture screw toward lean until the idle starts to stumble then back toward rich just enough to smooth the idle. and I used the measured cardboard insert procedure that SU specifies. "LIGHT BLUE". 4 Oct 2015 Missing Damper Spring on Front SU Damper has us chasing our tails while tuning up an Austin Healey engine. SU's go up in size in 1/8" divisions so that an H2 has a 1 1/4" bore, an H4 1 1/2" and in the case of the 120 and 140 the H6 which is an 1 ¾" carb. 00 120. Order your Triumph Spitfire HS4 (1 1/2 inch) Carburettor Components - Dashpot, Piston, Spring and Damper - 1500 Engines only ⛽ Fast, worldwide delivery British car experts ♚ PayPal & other payment options ⚑ SU carburettors are a brand of carburettor of the constant-depression type. I have an SU carb on one of my bikes. At just 105mm-115mm  Shop the industry's largest selection of Throttle Return Springs at Jegs. 23 May 2014 the piston inverted spray carburettor cleaner into the dashpot until it runs For H series SU Carburettors: Easiest solution first: jet return springs  The SU carburettor is simple to strip. 2. I got lucky and scored a perfect original hand book for my 66 sprite. Do not strech the spring. sucarb. Now you can start checking. Tech Tips Parts Illustration & Factory Carb. Damper, spring, carb assembly Pic6 Don't forget the C shaped spring clip if you have an SU with bearing damper piston Pic7 Standard 1300 manifold (cutting out the 2 holes) Pic8 This manifold is a 1300 single point injection one Pic9 Cut out the manifold to suit the single inlet of the SU (1600 8v Vitara manifold) Pic10 More follows KD SU-carbs B18/B20 CARB PARTS etc Standard carbs SU Needle KD SU-carbs HS6. If the car continues to run too rich pull the damper springs to confirm the color. Austin Morris Cooper S 1275cc 1964-71 - Jet Assy's JAGUAR MK9 3. Length. 100" main jets) Mini main jet WASHER- for use with 0. info Welcome to our Site for MG, Triumph and Austin-Healey Car Information. Ive never used them but I'd say they will need a seal kit. Hyperpro Damper; Availability: Temporarily out of stock. 5oz Blue These 4. BUT there is a 16 week turn around But for all the bits; 1 x Rebuild Kit Full set of gaskets and seals for both. Jeep & truck accessories. It should not be altered / tampered with/used. Genuine SU kit. Nov 19, 2018 · In an SU carb, the depression (or vacuum) in the venturi is applied to the top of the piston assembly. Buy. WZX1177 $35. 1 hour ago · Make sure the jet ski STARTS. . com. 5 million products from thousands of trusted suppliers. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery SU D2 HV2 AC Aston Martin Lanchester Lea-Francis MG Riley Rover Singer Wolseley major rebuild kit [900. 95 inc GST Yellow Piston Spring. At the throat, an HS6 For use with 1¼” HS2 SU Carburettors. Mini HS4 Insulating Spacer Block - 30mm. Street performance & off-road parts. If too little pre-load is used there is insufficient force to shut the throttle. 99 DAMPER SPRINGS x 2 for TWIN 1¼” SU Carbs on AUSTIN MORRIS MINI COOPER S 970 1964 Carb ID. SU Reference Catalogue 16th Edition Š 2012 Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd The technical information contained in this catalogue supersedes any previous I just tested my SU springs as per SU website specs. (11/2”) SU carb with red plastic jet, fitted up to introduction of waxstat type FZX3003 3a. X. WZX1177] 900. the MGC with yellow (8 oz). Kit includes a full set of gaskets and seals, main jet, needle valve and seat for the float chamber, spindle and bushes, throttle disc and screws. Bottle. This lifts the piston until the weight of the piston (a downward force) equals the upward force (which is the difference between the air pressure on the bottom vs the top multiplied by the area of the SU HD8 Carburetor Plastic Top Damper 8764. 00 Titanium retainers 160. Up to 75% off OEM Factory, Chilton & Haynes Repair Manuals. Yellow, A, 8 oz  Piston Springs phased out heavy weighted Pistons and are designed to produce a resistance Rich mixture for fast acceleration being provided by the Damper. uk It's important that the dashpot on your carburettor is filled with oil, preventing fluctuations in fuel/air mixture MG Midget and Sprite Technical SU carbs damper springs BBS discussion at MG-Cars. We are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine Zenith, Stromberg and Solex Carburettors and Spares. main Jets, needle valves, seats for the bowl floats, spindles and bushes, throttle disks, and screws. Part Number. WZX980] 900. 5oz: 2. CD Rebuild Kit; SU Gasket Packs; Sundries Kits; SU Rebuild Kits; SU Service Kits; Carburettor Spare Parts. Now adjust each idle screw the same number of turns to get the idle about 700-900 RPM. HY-Tech Repair has been serving Lake Havasu since 2001 with quality jet ski service and repairs. Damper oil Top up each of the piston dampers with carburettor damper oil. 00 : SU Carburettor throttle Shaft kit HS4 [900. #302119 Manifold Triumph TR2 TR3 TR3a Suits Twin 1-3/4" SU Refurbished $260. This consists mainly of a disc with a series of small drillings However, I now have doubts about the dashpot springs. Also check the level of oil in the dashpot - the domed piston chamber at the top of the carburettor. 635"(made to original specification) for a pair (2) of SU HD6 TH Carburettoras fitted Jaguar Mk IX (9) 3. The springs sit down in the lowest part of the carburetor where water collects and   MGB carburettor parts. aud4272/3 mgb pair of carb throttle return springs hif4. Piston Damper Spring, 'red' 4. Guaranteed lowest price! Eibach Drag-Launch Springs are precision engineered to provide maximum Eibach Pro-Damper Shock and Struts (79-04 V8; 94-04 V6; Excluding 99-04  Results 1 - 24 of 99 Online shopping for Return Springs - Carburetors & Parts from a great selection at Automotive Store. Before Unscrew the damper and pull it out of the ' dashpot ' ( properly called the piston chamber). 82") Colour: BLACK/ORANGE Part# AUD9149 More Details Usually, we opt for camshafts in the 220-222 deg. Oil Pumps & Kits Before tuning the carburettor, carry out all the checks in Checking and cleaning an SU carburettor, and bring the engine up to normal working temperature. THROTTLE RETURN SPRINGS FOR SU’S. HS4 1. 5 oz, 2. damper valve. CRK104. 99. B. Hydraulic suspension combines rubber springs with a damper system linking the front and rear wheel on the same side of the car. A. Dont forget that without the damper the engine will stutter if you snap the throttle so move it slowly. Go radical and use two springs and fill the dashpot with 50 or even 90 weight The SU Reference Catalogue. Suitable for use on standard and mild tuned MGBs, factory specification V8s and MGCs priced at £204. Strombergs with brass shafts receive new shafts and bushings. Atmospheric pressure is applied to bottom. SU, SU Hitachi, Zenith & Zenith Stromberg carburetor rebuilding & restoration jet tubes, jet bearing kits, metering needles, air piston return springs, dampers,  S. Carefully lift out the piston assembly and empty the damper oil from the piston rod. 95 / €103. Unscrew the damper cap, withdraw the damper and top up the reservoir until the oil level is 1/2 in (12mm) above the top of the hollow piston rod. Various throttle/gear positions Get the best deals on SU Car & Truck Air Intake & Fuel Delivery Parts when you 2 "RED" DAMPER SPRINGS for 1¼” SU Carbs on AUSTIN MINI COOPER S 1275 1964-70 Sep 01, 2014 · This lower-than-ambient carburetor and damper oil temperature should tend to make the viscosity of the Mobil 1 15W-50 closer to that of the SU Damper Oil while the engine is running. For use with 1¼” HS2 SU Carburettors. I've manage to pick up a SU HS6 carb and a replacement inlet manifold to modify to accept the SU. 5:1 compression, triple value springs, roller cam and lifters, eagle push rods and connecting rods, Mains and heads studded ,holly 1150 dominator, jessel timing belt, new fluid damper, , cast iron heads, high vol oil pump, new crank bearings, new Car parts for modern & classic cars. AUD404 (F&R) - 1969-70 (USA). For carburettors fitted with the waxstat type jet please see CRK121 Description. I called Rimmer in the UK and they say that they only have one kind of spring for all HS4 carbs. for Twin SU Carburettors. The carbs are balanced at idle, dashpots filled with 30w oil, and it will purr at an even 750rpm. Dec 19, 2014 · The one he sells is a Sytek bullet filter which has takes a cleanable metal mesh filter of a paper filter. Carburetors include new jets, needles, piston springs, float valves, float bowl Piston to dashpot clearance confirmed through 'drop speed tests' and  Results 1 - 24 of 363 Online shopping for Return Springs - Carburetors & Parts from a great selection at Automotive Store. The carb illustrated is a slightly modified version from that of the MGB, but will give you a good idea of how things are put together. eur 25. See SIE0041SS for stainless steel. SU CARB CARBURETTOR HIF44 MG Midget Austin Healey Sprite Single Carb Titan Con'v - EUR 418,13. I recommend that doubters try the Mobil 1 15W-50 for themselves; the proof is in the pudding. AUC2144OR] 900 R16 SU carb throttle shafts, Nissan SU Carb damper oil, OEM $ 21. 1 hour ago · Browse damper 2008 available for purchase now. 454 Block bored out to a 502, 4 Bolt main, 700 HP on carb, Racing fuel only, Steel crank, 10. A surcharge of £100. 1 hour ago · MGB Ignition and Filters. They vary considerably from type to type by varying the clearances in the assembled Components. Feb 22, 2010 · Hi the spring in the piston is a key part of correctly tuning SU's, you can change it at random with no referance to it's propper funtion but the chances of getting good results are slim. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Part Number: 28-0221 HD-OEM: 56153-73 Application: FL 1973-1984 Details: Handlebar damper kit consists of one pair of dampers, spacers, and top and more info $11. 5 Inch. 98 Write Review Spitfire. Specs pinned throttle lever, and return spring assembly, carb body #4 Hydraulic damper, late TC & TD. MG MIDGET Mk 3. Ram Pipes for Weber Genuine SU rebuild kit for HS4 carburettors. 2 2" diameter throttle carburetters only. Modify the damper rod as mentioned in gazza1's post or Fit an LZX 2085 piston damper rod. Su Hs Carburetor Damper Springs Red SU carb dashpots, plus general carb blathering. 0 by: Charles Bishop I originally wrote this up to assist a fellow XKer in adjusting the SU's on his Jag. 00 Steel Retainers 80. I used cork stoppers to plug the holes on the bottoms of the pistons, fitted them together without piston springs or damper oil (piston rods should be lubricated with ATF or WD-40, however). The guy who built my motor said he knew all about SU carbs. Damper oil for SU and Stromberg The triple carb set-up uses two folded couplers to join the carb shafts together. between 70-80 primary idle jet x1 55 secondary jet x1 50 accelerator pump jet x1 I have a slight stumble that isn't too bad, but I am only running th 70 The rebuild kit you need for these SU HS6 carburetters is CRK 249. Link to SU Springs. He then recommends thinning the needles to get the proper fuel mixture. The Jockey Journal. 3 Used in place of AUC 5014 red & black spring. Stainless throttle cable bracket & spring set. 625", AUC 4587. ) I brought this bike back from mothballs. 00 excl VAT will be charged in addition to the unit cost if it is supplied in advance. If not, check assembly again, make sure the piston isn't binding against the carb body, it should ride only on the damper shaft. Does anyone know what needle id be SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue" MG Midget, Lotus Elite,Sprite 948 1098 1275 5 out of 5 stars 1 product rating 1 product ratings - SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue" MG Midget, Lotus Elite,Sprite 948 1098 1275 Apr 18, 2016 · A quick snippet from our MGB service guide available at www. B: Isky Springs For Track Cars up to 8000 RPM. Probably a good idea to When it comes to SU damper oils, there are many opinions. Classic cars forum & vehicle restoration. Big Brake Kits. I received about a half-dozen requests to be included in the off-list mailing. RKSU40) 900. SU Carb Needles - posted in Engine: Hi, I was wondering if I could ask what were peoples experiences with SU carb needles running a triple 1 3/4 setup for a hot holden 6? Im new to these and I was was wondering if there was one type in particular I should go for or is it more trial and error? Cheers, Adam. 7*185 = I 15. Add to cart Details. 1” diameter, as used on HS and early HIF-series carbs. What's New 3 12 24 72. 1:00 to end is before goof was  Carburettor Tuning Tools · Float Bowls and Lids · Jet Bearing Kits, Jet Links · Jet Bearing Kits · Jets · Piston Springs · Return Springs · SU Carburettor Damper. Needle codes for SU carbs. 4 lt 3442cc 1959-62 - 2 x PISTON DAMPER SPRINGS for HD6 TH SU Carbs - £19. The metal mesh one is normal the one used as a pre-filter when used on the Bosch conversions - to scoop up the larger debris that might damage the pump, leaving the post filter to deal with Dec 08, 2011 · There are also several types of springs. Assembly includes triple manifold, three new SU HS6 carburetors, throttle linkage and gaskets. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. That ends my spring question, thanks for your help and listening and reading. Have you got any measure of AFR? Otherwise how do you know what the fuel mixture is? The HS8 is a big carb, so the damper won't need to fully raise to flow the air your engine needs. what if any are the differences between a normal HIF44 carb and a "turbo" one is it just differnt springs in the dashpot and needle or is there more to it than that 2. The Damper: The purpose of the damper is to slow down the rise of the piston when the throttle is opened suddenly. The only things that can be varied are the jet and needle valve, the idle mixture, and the damper oil! Of course, this means if you modify your engine, you probably will not need to modify your carb to compensate. 19,90 EUR. FUEL_SYSTEMS,FU_CARB_MISC for MG Midget Austin Healy Sprite Throttle Return Springs For Twin Carbs Plastic Dashpot Damper For Hif38 1. 00 : SU Carburettor Throttle Shaft Kit H4 Lotus Elite Jaguar SS Mk IV MG C NE PB VA TC TD TF Magnette [900. CLUTCH ; CABLE ; RELIANT Part Number ; 22190 In my opinion the pivot {trunnion } where the threaded cable end goes through seizes in the clutch arm lever and this is the biggest cause of the cable snapping due to the cable being flexed back and forth where the threaded part meets the cable . Here at Mini Sport we stock a huge range of cylinder head and engine components including head gaskets, roller tip rockers, standard rockers, camshafts and camshaft kits, timing gears, valves, valve springs, valve guides, crankshafts and oil pumps. Same carbs on a Lotus 1600 twin cam - out of tune Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run: Part of the organising team, and honoured to be associated RBRR is the best car event in the UK, not probably, it is! 1970 GT6 Mk. Su Carb Rebuild Kit For Carburetors Hs2 1 14 Aud502 And 549 Mg Midget 1972-74 . Result is my spring is exactly 4. Nov 20, 2018 · But the OP sez lean at cruise so my inclination would be to try stronger springs in the dashpots. You should use the lightest spring that allows the piston to raise fully to the top at   The piston (suction or bell) chamber containing the piston, piston spring and damper. Both the spring and the oil damper directly affect throttle response, and should not affect the A/F mixture at any time if the carb is properly set up for the motor. My Assumption is that you are referring to the Idle/Mixture screw. DAMPER SPRINGS for TWIN HS2 SU Carb. duration range and carburetor changes, such as, substituting damper springs with P/N AUC1167 (yellow), Moss P/M 021-081 and installing richer metering needles (see previous text). List: $2. a value sufficient to balance the combined weight of piston and piston spring. Supplier of British Carburettor (SU and Zenith) parts. The damper gives you temporary enrichment to improve acceleration and you can play around with the oil viscosity to vary this. Please note : This item is supplied on an exchange basis. Also necessary is a cold starting ~evice normally referred to as a manual choke. See our vacuum ports. Allows air cleaner or velocity stack to be installed in vertical or horizontal position The SU carburettor is fitted to a vast number of older classic British cars and light vans, since SU-Butec was a subsidiary company of British Leyland. The XK120 and XK140 are fitted with a pair of H6 SU carburettors - H defines horizontal and the 6 denotes the bore size. 60. Carburetter Company Limited also manufactured dual-choke updraught carburettors for aero-engines such as the Rolls-Royce Merlin and Rolls-Royce Griffon. Repeat with rear carb. 2 "RED" DAMPER SPRINGS for 1¼” SU Carbs on AUSTIN MINI COOPER S 1275 1964-70. com; The Board; About Carburettor Damper oil 125ml. Section height is expressed as a percentage of the section width (e. 11 Morris Minor Su Hs Carb Dashpot Spring 2. 090" Main Jet; Carb Repair Kit (900. You can then adjust the spring load to allow the piston to just lift fully at maximum RPM. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. 161 186 202 carburetor Carb Carburetor Increases spring tension to make handle pole feel lighter. The TD Mk II uses red-colored springs, and the TF/TF 1500 uses blue-colored springs. Probably the most successful constant depression (variable jet) type of carburettor in use during the 1970s, the SU had changed little in basic design over the years. Subject: Re: [VolvoPoweredMGs] Tom Bryant's SU Carb tuning procedure I bought some of that from Moss, and was pretty grumpy when I realized I had just bought what appears to be straight 10w oil for the equivalent of $90. 00 : SU H1, H2, H4, HV1, HV2, HV3, HV4 fitted with . I've also got a chrome fuel block to go with the set. The MGB came stock with red. C. Add to Cart The Bentley and or Haynes service manuals and or the SU carb. Carburettor Kits. Jan 15, 2011 · In the SU carburettor high performance manual by Des Hammill he recommends using the lightest springs (1-2oz/inch) and little or no dashpot oil (or the lightest oil possible) to get the piston assembly to react quickly with engine vacuum and throttle input. Free delivery on millions of items with Prime. SU Jets & Tuning While doing a fairly major tune-up on my 120 OTS I again encountered the irritant of having the (SU) carb jets stick in a raised position after I have loosened the adjusting screw and am trying to richen the mixture. SU dashpot spring with 8oz ounce rate. I tested the drop of my pistons, and matched them. Easy to use parts catalog. Fits Kawasaki 750SX, SXi, SXi Pro . Prise off the spring clip on the choke linkage. 635", AUC 4387. Load at length 8 oz @ 1. Remove the needle  MGB HS-4 Carburetor PIN & SPRING ASSY · SCREW, 3/16 WHITWORTH · SPRING, SU CARB PISTON, RED · DAMPER · WASHER MGB HIF-4 Carburetor. Chrysler Pacifica 17+ (FWD) Lowering Springs - MR-LS-CHP17 $225. HS2 Twin carb Right hand jet . 0 Su Carb Carburetor Set The trick is to look for a spec of more modern carb that has aluminium pistons with hollow rods that fit your dashpots. Dashpot Damper, HS2 & HS4 (AUC8103) two shields and springs. Top up the oil in the dashpot and see if you can feel the damping resistance when you try to lift the pistons; as long as that’s okay it’s no problem that the piston drops down. --See AUC8103HB for the original brass type fitted to early single HS2" MG MGB Technical - Carb springs I have had my carbs rebushed and on dismantling I noticed there are only 2 springs both on the throttle lever. The needles correspond with a particular jet size - . Grose Jets. The heat shield has 3 attachment points and the Moss catalogue shows 4, 2 on the throttle and 2 for the choke. and so on. The carb should be sealed, including the damper. full details in the SU reference catalog. 1 1/2. Datsun 2000 Roadster Srl311 U20 2. 100" etc. 00 D: 1. 01) Fuel Gauge Good, Sender Unit Bad ("MGB" Sep. SU carb dashpots, plus general carb blathering To muddy the waters on damper fluids . Designed using state of the art technology and with customers in mind. #M012K Leyland Morris BMC Mini A Series Single 1-1/2" HIF SU Carb On A Manifold $605. Float chambers The float chamber of the carburettor contains a float and a needle valve. Grainger is America's trusted source for industrial supplies and safety products. 5 Pack Carburetor Return Springs Universal Carb Spring Assortment 1 3/4 ,7, 9. Get quality tractor parts for Ford tractors, John Deere tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors and many more at discount prices. Intake manifolds are available with either 1⅞” center to center intake port spacing for the TR250 and early TR6 engines or 2³⁄₁₆” center to center intake port spacing for the later TR6 engines. 295 SEK per each. C: Street Kits Isky/Hot AutoCross Springs/Retainers Valve Springs 120. The resulting high vacuum over the jet enriches the mixture british leyland mini cooper s 1275 1970-71 - damper springs for twin hs2 su carb. Description: XK-150"S" Three-Carb Models. 4. Items 1-30 of 32 Plain Throttle Discs - SU carburettors. 4 Used in place of AUC 2091 black & green spring. 635" H/HS/HD Type. 25") single carb 370-756 HIF44 Carburetor Damper for Supercharger| The new Sprite/Midget supercharger system uses the same Eaton positive displacement roots-type supercharger found on contemporary OE applications such as Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. Morris Minor SU HIF dashpot damper cap low profile. $13. Good looking set with polished parts. 100" main jets. SU Carb Adjusting 2. 31 Forest Road, Huncote, Leicestershire, LE9 3BH. $139. This is aTop QualityDAMPER/PISTON SPRINGS4. If the spring in the dashpot is different what is it? and does anyone know what sort of pressure it is? 3. 3 - Carb rebuild kit - HS4 -Up to 1972 CRK254. 7' Interior cargo volume seats folded: 7. ATF is too thin, 3in1 is too thin. info MG-Cars. The supplied air filter with the kit will be long gone now. S. 44 / US 10 - Spring - Dashpot piston - Red AUC4387. HS4 Single carb red jet 14 manifold, linkage, heatshields see Pre Waxstat item in kit 7c below Order as AUD9451A etc, less air cleaners. Bruce Barclay's 1980 Spitfire Mild street cam, twin SU's, higher compression pistons, a mild porting job and so on. RKSU200 $159. Genuine SU. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery Carb tuning is a black art. JockeyJournal. £12. There should be plenty of choice of profiles without changing the jet size I'd imagine. SU Sensitivities AUC 4387 370-520 SU Damper Spring - red AUC 4641 SU Banjo Bolt-Start Carb-float bowl - steel AUC 4667 370-550 SU H Type Choke Return Spring AUC 4751 SU H Type Thermo (Start Carburetor) Washer - fibre AUC 4753 SU H/HD Type Start Carburetor Washer - fibre AUC 4900 370-650 SU H/HD/HS/HIF Damper Cap Washer - black fibre AUC 4943 SU Lift Pin Seal AUD2193- MINI CARB WASHER FOR JET SEAL- Suit SU carbs, (for use with 0. co. Water-choke Strombergs receive shafts/bushings as needed. I set the idle mixture for the best idle speed, plus one flat richer. A spring applies force to close the door, which the dashpot offsets by forcing fluid to flow through an orifice, often adjustable, between reservoirs, which slows the motion of the door. Review of SU nomenclature: Recall that using the old imperial numbering system, the number after the HS is carb throat diameter, in 1/8" increments over 1 inch, so carb shown on left is actually an HS4 (1 1/2", and never used on B18 or later motors), also confirmed by the tall aspect ratio of the dome over its Dashpot. RKSU200] 900. Light Blue, A, 2. 6". SPRINGS Parabolic springs are designed to offer precise stress distribution throughout their length, offering greatly improved ride comfort over conventional multi-leaf springs and enhanced handling from increased tyre to road contact. Seals, springs, retainers and washers for one carburetor. MGB SU Pancake type air filter assembly 62-80 Item #: A102 Foam elements 5 1/2 X 1". 750in: AUC1167 McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. The carb to carb hose has been moved again, now being lower and about as far away from heat, as it is possible to get, being about the same length now, as the original. Pair of twin carburettors with 5. July 6, 2017 . Load at. Spoke to the old fella about 30 I've got enough time on the car to get a baseline and start fine tuning everything. We Find Damper Springs Are Most Effective At Fine Tuning Cruise Mixture. Page 1 of 2 - HELP with a Pontiac big-block 400 - posted in The Technical Forum Archive: Hey guys, I dont post too often on this forum (but do read it ;) ) but I need some help with my baby! I have a 71 Firebird with a bick-block 400, that needs some help. Rivera Primo 1042-0101 • Keeps that one of a kind SU set up running smoothly • Works on all ‘Eliminator’ II carbs • Kit includes o-ring float bowl seal, needle and seat and main jet The Brads Nail Works, 45 Valley Rd, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8JG Company number: 3681423 | VAT number: 819472407 MGC 1300 / 1275cc SU HS2 1968-69 AUD 344LH AUD 344RH. Piston Springs phased out heavy weighted pistons and are designed to produce a resistance to the rising suction piston in order to balance the venturi size with the correct mixture/air flow. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Automotive Best Sellers. ('37 ULH engine, stroked enough to bring the pistons up to the top of the deck, so 84" or so. 95 Classic Mini Original Brass Type Dashpot Damper For Hs Su Carbs Fits single and twin HS2 carb dashpots but only single HS4 carbs. SU Hitachi carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & bushings (Datsun OEM) , throttle valves, New floats NOT included , float valves & pins, nozzels, meetering needles, air piston return springs, dampers, suction chamber & float bowl retaining screws & all seals & gaskets. If the oil is too thin then the "accelerator pump" function does not work and the engine may stumble on acceleration. Su Turbo Carb? - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: I have a few quesions 1. Except, that is, for the splashes of colour that usually only mechanics see when they replace tired or broken springs in the workshop. Austin Morris . I found the best results with just normal engine oil. Paint colour on. Single. Suitable for use in SU and Zenith-Stromberg TCTF, ZenithStromberg - OEM MG Part # B18562 (220-225, GGL9035X) 2. - check the spec for your carb. Single HIF44 (13/4”) SU carb, recognised as the ultimate 2 "blue" damper springs for twin 1¼” hs2 su carbs. 00 240. $1. A dashpot is a common component in a door closer to prevent it from slamming shut. Modifying HS SU Carbs for Boost Turbo Mini Forums Welcome to the TM Forums Feel free to join our community for help, advice and banter!. The resulting force is proportional to the velocity , but acts in the opposite direction, [2] slowing the motion and absorbing energy. Please note: the below set of instructions is a combination of my words and paragraphs from the Red springs are recommended where 1 3 / 4 ” SU carburettors are bolted onto the inlet manifold of an unmodified L24 or L26 engine. Dual spring design  What is the difference between airbags, air springs, and SumoSprings? bubbles to create an air spring suitable for light, medium, and heavy duty applications. C $45. Just bend it at a 90 and press in the hole from inside the throttle area. Discover the best Automotive Replacement Carburetor Return Springs in Best Sellers. Sep 13, 2014 · Just been emailed by Burlen www. JOE CURTO, INC. slowly raise the rpm and hold and note what happens at 1500, 2000, 2500 etc up to 4000 (when an unsealed turbo carb starts blowing and the piston shoots up), also note what station is showing. White, right (also on single carb) with gaskets. 440 Hi RPM Track 9200 RPM With Retainers Complete front suspension for Cortina mk5 xr6 r4000 comes with K-FRAM, control arms, Hubs, disks, calipers, springs, steering rack, steering damper, steering shaft, sold as complete unit perfect for conversion as there's no parts missing Cont me for more info, 0617081949, Mayville auto, spares accessories and performance parts, we located in Biker Part Superstore Chrome Billet CV Air Cleaner Bracket Kit for S&S E and G Carb [34-1510] - Part Number: 34-1510 UOM: 1 - EA Summary:Billet chrome air cleaner bracket kit features integral breather passage to air intake. 16th Edition 2012. SU oil is actually SAE20 monograde oil. 1 hour ago · Constant depression carburetors (SU & Stromberg types) get around the problem by having oil in the piston damper which stops the piston from rising too quickly so restricting the inflow of air. Price: £89. WZX988 $39. tags put underneath overflow/vent banjo thus blocking off annular vent area. The set is about $ 3. As the front wheel rises over a bump, some of the fluid from its suspension unit (known as a displacer unit) flows to the rear-wheel unit and raises it, so tending to keep the car level. They May Make A Very Small Change At Idle, And Virtually Nothing At Full Throttle. It has only Remove the screws to take off the dashpot. AC Edited by ACDodd, 07 December 2013 - 09:34 AM. Pair of HS 2 SU's, completely rebuilt with all new components, mounted on 72 Spit Mark IV What type of damping fluid do I use in the carb dashpots, an Biker Part Superstore : V-Twin Replica - Engine - Rocker - Lifter Sprockets Carburetors - EFI System Brakes - Rotors - Calipers Footpegs Transmission - Driveline Belts - Chains Hardware Lighting - License Plates Electrical - Components Oil Tanks Air Cleaners Batteries - Covers Hand Controls Suspension - Forks - Shocks Frames - Crash Guards Risers - Top Clamps Handlebars Floorboards Exhaust 7 County Austins . This is the link to Tom Bryant's rationale for using a multi-viscosity oil there. 635in: AUC4387: Yellow: A: 8oz: 2. 100" Su Left Hand Jet, 30 Degree Hs6 . That last turn needs to be made really slowly with no jerk of the spanner. auc4387 mgb carb damper piston spring red. 4 lt, 3442cc 7:1 & 8:1 Compression Ratio1959-62~for use on SU HD6 TH Carburettor AUD896F/R AUD956F/R~(manufacturers names used for reference Datsun 2000. The S. Welcome to Zenith. This kit doesn't come with the jet needles as they vary depending on the engine and carburetter number. This device is used on adjustable Needle (top Adjustment) Carburettors of the CD type. 440 Hi RPM Track 9200 RPM With Retainers Springs. When I had a 1970s Alfa Spider with that lovely two litre twin cam and two Dellorto 40s, it never went out of tune. It is possible to re-use your original couplers but new ones are strongly recommended. Ram Pipes. Submit a Product Idea SU HS4 Carb / Carburettor Austin / Morris / Mini1000 Fzx1415 1976 - On - £70. With the explosion of Enduro racing and many riders opting to run coil dampers, SAR launches its new Super LightWeight Enduro spring. In an SU, the force required for the piston to lift is caused by engine vacuum. The identification tag carrying the carb number is a rectangular plate attached to one of the three dash pot cover screws on each unit. For over 90 years, Grainger has built a tradition of serving businesses, big and small, with effortless ways to get the products and services they need. Buy 1978 MG Midget Carb Damper Oil. Also for 75-80 cars that have been converted to SU carburetors. Add to Cart May 27, 2014 · Today, a car’s bodywork can be ordered in almost any colour the customer desires but the coilsprings underneath, almost without exception, are still black. Damper oil for SU and Stromberg 125ml. SU HS4 Carb Pre Wax Stat Rebuilt Pre 1980 1. Be careful when removing the assembly as the needle is sticking out off the bottom and you don't want to bend or break it. See more AUD434, AUD616 & FZX1001 & FZX1229T carburettors SU Eliminater2 carb The Board. Got an idea for a new tool or an improvement to an existing one? Tell us about it…. Often underrated, it 2 "BLUE" DAMPER SPRINGS for Twin 1¼” HS2 SU Carbs 2 "blue" damper springs for twin 1¼” hs2 su carbs. Red springs are recommended where 1 3 / 4 ” SU carburettors are bolted onto the inlet manifold of an unmodified L24 or L26 engine. $50. 86 + eur 23. Order as AUD9142A 14. 5 Su Carbs. Red, A, 4. Find great deals on eBay for mini twin su carbs and classic mini twin su carbs. 530 in. Mechanic tools & shop equipment. DASH POT/DAMPER ASSEMBLY The dashpot and damper assembly are also located within the suction chamber. My favorite carb wrench came from a Ski-Doo tool kit. 00 : SU HS8 Daimler Jaguar major rebuild kit [900. Unscrew the damper rod and set it aside. Part Number: 51-3501 Application: Custom Application Details: 41mm Single tube frame features full rigid styling. Please use our vehicle and product searches below to find the correct application for your specification or have a look around our web store to find a range of other accessories to fill your needs! FUEL_SYSTEMS,FU_CARB_MISC for Morris Minor Morris Minor Throttle Return Springs For Twin Carbs. As I looked it over I saw that it recommends filling the piston damper until the oil level is about 1/2 inch ABOVE the top of the inner piston tube then insert the damper rod. Low prices across earth's biggest selection of books, music, DVDs, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools & hardware, housewares, furniture, sporting goods, beauty & personal care, groceries & just about anything else. 00 Jan 10, 2015 · Hi, I've been looking to replace my worn Zenith 36IV carb with an SU carb. AUSTIN MORRIS ROVER MINI Cooper S 1300 1975-ON - GASKET PACK for 1½” SU Carb £10. Carburetors include new jets, needles, piston springs, float valves, float bowl grommets SU Carburetors - Since 1976, Terry's Jaguar has been in the business of supplying a wide range of parts for Jaguars - everything from XK120, XK140, XK150 and all XKE / E-Type Parts models right through to the latest Jaguars on the road. 50" Do I manufacture a 90 bend interface with an internal AUD434E - MGB 1972-1973 PAIR OF HIF SU CARBURETTORS - RECONDITIONED. Kit includes two 3/8 x 16 and two 1/2 x 13 threaded breather bolts and hardware. Installation of Shafts/Bushing in HD Carb. 74 a quart! They sell 125 ml for $11. When all is operating properly, fill the damper with Marvel Mystery Oil for light damping, or use motor oil for heavier damping. 023. txt) or read online for free. 3e. Phone/Fax 0116 2867522 Mobile 0781 6612527 MG-264 - Carburetter damper piston (csm) TC-301M - INTAKE MANIFOLD CHANGE, SU Carburetors TC-301W - INTAKE MANIFOLD For WEBER Carburetors TC-302 - CAMSHAFT EXCHANGE TC-302A - TAPPETS, Short, Long, Sleeves, and Material TC-302B - Cylinder Head WELDING TC-302C - CAMSHAFT LOCKING KEYS, 18G551 MG-251 - Fitting camshaft bearing caps (csm) The standard SU's can breath pretty well, and 2" SU's are an easy upgrade, a full set-up for about the price of one Weber! Water pump. Rover played around with these dampers with different length rods so look for the number on the topof your old one. I have a mixture issue I need to address to the SU Gurus out there. With the standard water pump getting expensive, an alternative is to fit a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump from Demon Tweeks, Jigsaw (and others). 25" > Dashpot Spring, SU HS, Yellow (AUC1167) Jan 20, 2010 · Your problem is not related to oil or carb spring or needle. All that is needed now, is to find a suitable breather, to screw into the rocker cover and for the weather to improve for road testing. 75") - Inch & Three Quarter Carburettor c/w Titan MotorSport Alloy Inlet Manifold to suit - MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite - A series Engines - Conversion from original factory twin HS2 Carbs to Single HIF44 Carb High Quality Reconditioned Units Carb's spec. Filter (1) TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1500 Mk 5 1977-80 - DAMPER SPRINGS (Ball Brg) for SU HS4 Carb. The central Allen key locates in a Socket in the resevoir Base while the outer barrel locks into the Air Valve Guide rod. RKSU40 $99. HS2 Twin carb Left hand jet . 00 Toyota Corolla Sedan 20+ EZII Series Coilovers - MR-CDK-TCO20-EZII Austin Healey Sprite 1958-71 & MG Midget 1961-79 PARTS & ACCESSORIES ISSUE 22 PARTS & ACCESSORIES QA1 - 1973-92 D100 Series Shocks Holley In-Tank Muscle Car Fuel Pumps AR Engineering Low Mount B/RB Alternator Bracket Kits Distributor Replacement Points Stainless Steel Valley Tray for RB Engines Pertronix - Digital HP ECU with 3 Step Rev Limiter Tactical-Style 1-Wire Self Powered Timing Light Power Steering Coupler & Rebuild Kits Mancini Racing Black HP Electronic Control Unit Mancini Added Weber DGV carb, oil cooler and "power horns" Julian Saul's 1979 Spitfire Converted to European Specs. We offer a variety of Mgb Su Carburetor for your automotive needs. 89) Easy change throttle shaft bushings, HIF carbs; Fine-Tuning the MGB Carb Needles (Driveline Feb. SU HS4 carburettor in superb condition all moving parts function as they should,, all it needs is topping up with damper oil and tuning to your engine, as seen in pictures, any questions please ask. The Hitachi HJG46W carburettor installed in the pre-pollution Zeds is  Order your Triumph Spitfire HS4 (1 1/2 inch) Carburettor Components - Dashpot, Piston, Spring and Damper - 1500 Engines only ⛽ Fast, worldwide delivery  Many of the SU carbs I see have had dampers replaced with the wrong type. To suit twin hs2 1 & 1/4" su carbs. Aug 03, 2010 · READ THIS 1st PLEASE! Start in a 20MPH zone, move to 30MPH zone and then hit a 60+MPH zone in 2nd. su carb damper springs

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